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I once recommended a food from Amazon and it's a good food but it jumped to over $4 a pound. Rachael Ray's foods are still under $1.50 per pound. And I love their formulations.

Allergy Testing

"Allergy" is like a big pot of itchy critters and they "know" everything about it, except the holes in the testing.
For example: IF you figure out (for a lot of money) that your pet is allergic (and that's debatable) to five feed ingredients, BUT - it's also allergic to a sixth, untested ingredient, you can't win. It's like arresting 5 out of six terrorists. You didn't reduce bombings. Just 5 of the 6 bombers. I'm not "into" allergy testing for feed.
Also, allergy testing OVERALL is a financial drain without merit because you end up looing at CYTOPOINT as a better, more comprehensive FIX for these allergies than years of treatment with NUMEROUS antigens and then, for the same 5 out of 6 reasons above, 70% of dogs get 70% improvement at considerable expense.

Did you know that the longest your dog or cat can live is actually determined by THIS?

Nobodies dog is allergic to ONE thing and then gets hyposensitized and 100% fixed.
In fact, allergy panels are so consistently uniform and homogenous among dogs there was an article that questioned whether we should be RUNNING these tests, or assuming the dogs are all allergic to similar things?
MEANWHILE the owner is fretting about
And using special foods and hyposensitization and skin medications and shampoos for FOOD ALLERGY when two other factors remain: Smog on the ground, and CYTOPOINT. Which would make for a very short story.
For some reason, people's dogs end up NOT NEEDING it anymore after about a year. I don't know why.

I'd suggest:
Daily antihistamines
Salmon based diet with sweet potato
Wet washcloth daily
CYTOPOINT as needed.


There's "soot" from cars on the ground. And also, pollen, molds and other dusts.
These particles get embedded in a dog's hair and can (in certain dogs) cause the skin to break out.
Like hair clippings in your shirt, or pink insulation on your skin.
It's irritating and can cause the skin to get pink and even infected.
In the airway, ATOPY causes irritation in the trachea and there's a sneeze, a gack and even throwing up foamy bile from airway Atopy.

You can't get rid of soot in the yard.
You can washcloth the dog and treat the inflammation from the soot.

Doc Johnson

Is having a MASSIVE (head to toe) ATOPIC ALLERGIC attack.

Car smoke lands on the ground and your dog gets into it. Soot gets into the coat and its oils, and causes irritation in the skin. Dogs get real itchy and lick themselves and sometimes those licked areas get infected from the spit, soot and plasma.
Washcloths remove the soot from the 'whole dog' as would a hose-rinse. Washcloths are easier on the daily than a hose-rinse.
Cetaphil Wipes cleanse the inflamed areas of the skin, bellies, necks, feet even ears.
And then some judicious use of steroid sprays, or tablets or injfections can rein in the symptoms.
#cytopoint is better than those things but ya STILL have to keep the skin clean and moisturized.

There's hardly any atopy in Colorado. You can even go out into the country, Florida, and other less-smoggy areas and your dog can have a better skin while you're there. THEN you come home and they start licking and chewing again.

My favorite bone for dogs is the BEEF Knucklebone. Try and remove the "easy" fat you can. Be aware that the dogs might fight over these.
They are the best for the front *and* back teeth. Get them here.
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