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Old Dog Lung

Old Toy Breed Lungs:

That Coughing Old Dog Has "Old Dog Lung":

Something about Old Dog Lungs:
The cough is a synthesis of FIVE things - Read the list with sensitivity to what we can do anything about (heh heh)
1) This is a small breed - and there are narrow spots in the airway like the sinus/nose, plus the trachea, this prevents really good sneezing / clearance of airway slime.
2) This dog is elderly and that means the airway has "slimy" air-tube juice, (you can look at the spit in the mouth) which is bad juice to try and clean itself. Instead of thin, watery juice like when they were a kid. (see: "muco-ciliary-escalator" ala Google for more, nerdy information)
3) Any old dog's heart is enlarged by advanced age and in small-breeds, their genetic origins (problem #1 and #2). This takes up lung space and creates #4 next.
4) The trachea has a narrow spot, a very narrow spot where it pinches past the big heart #3.....The trachea collapses or closes when they try to cough. That means they can't *really* clean out the airway which is slimy to begin with.(#2) (Google nerds: "Collapsing trachea canine".)
5) Some dogs are always getting germs in a 'mist' from their teeth and gums. The germs get into the slime in their lungs and isn't cleared and they can barely cough it up, because of #4.

We can use antibiotics for #5 and that helps #2 somewhat, as well.
We can use cough suppressants for comfort and sleep and to prevent the #4 trachea getting flatter.
We can use anti-inflammatories like Temaril to thin the airway juices and REDUCE their production - #2 and reduce inflammation in the airway from all the coughing and stuff stuck in the airway slime.
We can't shrink the heart, and don't know for a fact that we have to. We can't widen or un-flat the trachea except via surgeries and MAN those are "special" kind of invasive. Those are big problems and we can only cope with the rest of it.

Sometimes Robitussin Helps?

You said my dog has: "Next Level Old Dog Lung" What's that?

Some dogs have "all of the above" with two additional things. Some dogs are inhaling germs into their mouth FROM their teeth. There are lots of fancy ways to tell for sure: but the best two are: Xrays and Transtracheal Wash. That's only $21,000 at Franchise Vets when you factor in the Neurology Consult, tests mandated by 'corporate' and the other, commission-based add-on tests. The second 'additional thing' is 'extra-medicine' meaning there are more medications which can bear on the case, and even hot-air-humifiers.

How Being Fat Makes Everything Worse in Toy Breeds Chests

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There are so many incorrect things that "they" say like they're facts, on the interwebs, like "Don't Use People Shampoo" and "Don't Give Your Dog Actual Bones" and "Raw Feeding is Bad For Your Dog" and even "Cats Need Water In Their Food". Is there any harm in these? No, not really but here's the truth.
I have used my Aithereal ozone-air-purifier for THREE CONTINUOUS years. It generates ozone in the air which kills germs and deodorizes by actually oxidizing organic molecules. The air smells fresh like a lightning strike in Springtime. You should NOT breathe the air while this is running. This is for those rooms where your laundry starts to smell already-worn within a week of being in there. Pet areas are helped while the pets are outside. Airthereal ozone generator air purification system. Under $100
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Experience means I know the common things that happen and the fastest and easiest solutions, which vary DRASTICALLY by temperature crowding and pond size.

A 200 page distillation of 17 years of Koi practice including surgery.

A "bark correction" collar is of IMMENSE utility for dogs. Including the dog that goes OUT of his mind when he sees another dog on a walk. A dog that howls all day while you're at work. Even dogs that indulge vocalization with separation anxiety. Yeah. It's a "thing" and it works. Rechargeable, simple-to-use, durable waterproof bark collar with sound and sting.
FRESH BREATH and arrested dental disease. This magic stuff won't break down or remove tartar (crusting) but it will kill the germs that build it. And the breath. So. Much. Better. Oxyfresh is used as the only drinking water source (it's mixed in their water) and works wonders. OXYFRESH KIT 
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"Hot tubs aren't permanent anymore, and they're not $3,000 either (Closer to $500). A much-older buddy of mine says that the BEST relief for his severely arthritic spine, (and his hips), that he can get is from his hot tub. NOT pills.
Your dog can't use it's hind legs well enough to actually function or get around. If they can still pee and poop on their own volition, consider a cart for mobility while they convalesce with, or without surgery. For MOST dogs they work. I like the FOUR wheeled ones. But nowadays they make four wheel carts with removable front wheels. Mobility Carts for Dogs at a Reasonable Price.
Your dog or cat is at the house. What's he doing? Wanna pop-in and surprise 'em? Get these Furbo Treat Cams and you can visit like your dog's on Zoom! And talk to 'em. And even toss 'em a treat! Some people use these to give medicine when they're away. Others just to visit their dog from work! Furbo is just ONE manufacturer. Reliable. Here are all of them.
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