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I once recommended a food from Amazon and it's a good food but it jumped to over $4 a pound. Rachael Ray's foods are still under $1.50 per pound. And I love their formulations.

"The Poor Dog."

A dog came into the office with an open wound a couple months ago, that was 400mm (15.75 inches long) that spiraled from the shoulder all the way down the leg. The wound had small bits of stone embedded in it, and raw bone was showing around some of the various foreign bodies in the line. The wound had been there and gotten worse and worse, for a couple years. It couldn't close because of the small stones that were embedded in the wound. Despite the diligent attention of the dog's tongue, the wound produced copious amounts of pus which the dog licked down, but to no avail. The smell from the dog was putrid. I explained the options to the owner: That the remedy for the situation would be speedy, healing would occur in less than a week and the cost would be considerably less than a thousand dollars. (Closer to 600-700$)

But it was over ten years old, and the owner was understandably afraid the dog was going to die under anesthesia, so they took it home. By my estimation, it has at least three years left to go because it's only 11.

I struggle with a few things.

  1. The owner has to live with that smell, and the knowledge that the dog has a 15 inch open abscess 24 x 7 x 365.
  2. The owner loves that dog.
  3. The dog is suffering.
  4. It wasn't even 'about the money' but the idea that the dog could possibly die, so it gets to live with a fifteen-inch oozing abscess for the next several years.

There are only three inaccuracies in the above.

  1. This didn't happen a couple months ago. This happens without any exaggeration: Every 3 or 4 DAYS.
  2. The wound is truly, exactly as described except the 'stones' in the wound aren't stones, but in fact rotting teeth.
  3. The wound isn't visible on the arm, but in fact simply in the mouth of an average 80mm mandible (Shih Tzu, Schnauzer, or similar the length of four arcades)

Here's how it correctly reads:

"A dog came into the office with an open wound a couple months ago, that was 400mm (15.75 inches long) that extended from one side of the mouth to the other on upper and lower arcades. The wound had small rotting teeth embedded in it, and raw bone was showing around some of the various rotting teeth in the line."

Did you know that the longest your dog or cat can live is actually determined by THIS?
There are so many incorrect things that "they" say like they're facts, on the interwebs, like "Don't Use People Shampoo" and "Don't Give Your Dog Actual Bones" and "Raw Feeding is Bad For Your Dog" and even "Cats Need Water In Their Food". Is there any harm in these? No, not really but here's the truth.
My favorite bone for dogs is the BEEF Knucklebone. Try and remove the "easy" fat you can. Be aware that the dogs might fight over these.
They are the best for the front *and* back teeth. Get them here.
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A 200 page distillation of 17 years of Koi practice including surgery.

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FRESH BREATH and arrested dental disease. This magic stuff won't break down or remove tartar (crusting) but it will kill the germs that build it. And the breath. So. Much. Better. Oxyfresh is used as the only drinking water source (it's mixed in their water) and works wonders. OXYFRESH KIT 
I always thought that "Alexa" was just piffle. But then I got it. And I wonder "How did I live without this?" You can get all the lights in your house to turn on, and off at the same time. In fact you can automate just about everything. And it's SUPER eaasy to set up. ALEXA SYSTEMS from Amazon
Blink cameras create a seamless security system for your home. But if you just wanna look in on your dog, or your fish tank, knock yourself out! You can sprinkle these indoor:outdoor cameras inside and outside your house. No wiring needed because they run 2 years on a battery. It'll send you notifications if and whenever someone moves in the range of the Blink. I love mine.
These little Kasa plugs are from TP-Link who is one of the biggest IT Automation / router builders out there. Easy to install. Alexa compatible. You just say "Alexa Turn On Garage Lights" and bingobango. Lights come on. Anything you can plug in, like your coffee maker, fish tank, household lamps.
If you wanna grow plants, reptiles, even fish in the house with full spectrum lighting, the technology has come a long way. 1000W Grow Lights LED are now less than $200 and some are even less than $100. Look at how many feet they cover though, because <600W may not cover ONE plant! Grow tomatoes in the house
"Hot tubs aren't permanent anymore, and they're not $3,000 either (Closer to $500). A much-older buddy of mine says that the BEST relief for his severely arthritic spine, (and his hips), that he can get is from his hot tub. NOT pills.
Your dog can't use it's hind legs well enough to actually function or get around. If they can still pee and poop on their own volition, consider a cart for mobility while they convalesce with, or without surgery. For MOST dogs they work. I like the FOUR wheeled ones. But nowadays they make four wheel carts with removable front wheels. Mobility Carts for Dogs at a Reasonable Price.
Your dog or cat is at the house. What's he doing? Wanna pop-in and surprise 'em? Get these Furbo Treat Cams and you can visit like your dog's on Zoom! And talk to 'em. And even toss 'em a treat! Some people use these to give medicine when they're away. Others just to visit their dog from work! Furbo is just ONE manufacturer. Reliable. Here are all of them.
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