The Curious Beast

The Curious Beast

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BEFORE asking questions, please read this FAQ!!!***
What is his name?
A: Godzilla

What species is he?
A: Coenobita clypeatus a.k.a “purple pincher”

No he’s not. Purple pinchers are PURPLE. DUH!
A: Nope. Not always. They can be a whole range of colors depending on diet, age, and genetics. They can be white, tan, yellow, pink, purple, orange, red, blue, black, whatever. I’ve seen it all.

How old is he?
A: Probably 20-25ish years based on his size.

How big do they get?
A: Pretty big. Softball sized is about the max.

How long have you had him?
A: Since June 2009

How big was he when you first got him?
A: Just a bit smaller than he is now.

How long do they live?
A: 30+ years. Not kidding. For real. But only if you take care of them properly.

What does he eat?
A: Tons of stuff. Meats, fruit, leaves, bark, roots, other veggies, animal feces, seeds, nuts, flowers, etc. Feeding them right is kind of a big deal. If they aren’t fed properly, it can cause many problems. Check out these links for more feeding info:

How come his shell isn’t painted? Painted shell crabs are AWESOME.
A: Painting animals is stupid. They are beautiful the way nature and evolution made them. The painted shells are ugly, tacky, and they are dangerous for crabs/the environment on many physical and ethical levels. If you want more info on this subject, I can enlighten you.

How do you know it’s a boy?
A: See my video on how to sex a hermit crab. Females have gonopores, males do not.

How do you take care of a hermit crab?
A: Learning how to take care of them requires a lot of time and learning. I cannot just tell you everything in one go, and I should not be expected to. Contrary to popular belief, they are NOT easy/beginner/childrens’ pets. Do not buy them for your kids. Here is a care sheet I made, but you should seek out many care sheets to compare and compile.

Has he ever pinched you?
A: Yes, once. It was my fault. I wasn’t holding him correctly and he was just trying to balance himself. It was not defensive.

Did it hurt?
A: Obviously! He is a BEAST.

Why isn’t he in the water? Don’t crabs live in the water?
A: There are many terrestrial crab species. Google image search “birgus latro” and you won’t be disappointed.

Where did you get him?
A: Petco.

Where did you find a shell big enough?
A: The hermit crab patch store. Expensive, but that’s my responsibility as a pet owner, to provide for him!

Are big ones more work?
A: Yes, and they need super-size everything, so will cost a lot of money to take care of. Keep in mind, little ones will grow to this size eventually, too. 😉 They are expensive pets.

Do they make good pets?
A: Depends on what you mean by “good”. They are not for everybody. They are high maintenance, expensive, nocturnal, and harvesting them from the wild is having very real negative ecological impacts. Sounds like a pretty stupid pet. I like them, though, and I plan on keeping my colony for as long as they live, be it 5, 10, or 40 years. I’m also working on rescue plans for when I can buy a house, so I can take in unwanted ones from around my city and give them a good permanent home.

Can you eat these hermit crabs?
A: I guess you could. Would be stupid. They have no meat, and depending on their diet, they may make you very sick.

How long does it take him to molt?
A: Average is about 3 months from burying to surfacing. The actual shedding and eating takes about 3 weeks.

Why is he so friendly?
A: Just his personality. He’s a special boy.

What camera did you use?
A: Sony handycam HDR-CX350.

What is the name of the song?
A: I dunno. I ripped it off another youtube vid. 😉

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